Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today is the day, where my family and i went for shopping for hari raya.

Thus ,we went to the Kota raya, near Pudu raya.

I was so tired as i dont like to go shopping all this time.

I suppose to buy only a few things ,but otherwise i bought two pairs of shoes and a shirt.

Here is the several things that i bought.

Volume speaker

adidas posting

Converse style


No offense to my latest post.To those their picture does not included in my blog.It is the matter of time and sources.I'l put yours when i had it.................


anime lover said...

ni bukan shopping raye ni..

ikmal hijaz said...

ni la shopping raya....
habis semua benda nak beli

akiss said...

haha, nak tergelak tgk speaker tu. sy pon bru beli satu. haha