Monday, July 12, 2010

12 o'clock letter. TIk Tok TIk Tok.

Ever since i saw you that day , i felt there is something different about you.

I have the first look at you and in a second i like you.
There is so much more people that are pretty out there but you are just perfect for me.

I don't know why.

Am i crazy ? liking you when i've never meet you.

Whenever you are sad , i felt the pain .
Whenever you are angry , i am burning inside .
whenever you are hurt , it causes me a deep wound ,

And the best part is , you don't even know me. And i don't even know you.

I know you are hurt.
Every boy is a villain to you now , and the world turns black.
Life is cruel for you .

When we are young , everything seems to be at the end of the world.
but , it is not.

Today ,

i am sitting here watching the moon and smiling . I am praying that one day , you will know that life isn't always that cruel.

In the small part of this world ,there is someone who can support you and be with you whenever you are in pain , sadness and hurt.

I don't ask you to believe me .
I just ask you to believe in destiny.

if you let me,

i will be by your side ,
For now and always ,

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